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American Tourist found dead on December 5 after being reported missing on November 28

Reports indicate that an American national of Venezuelan origin, Carla Stefaniak, was found dead on December 5 in a forested area in San Antonio de Escazú, southwest of San José. Stefaniak was reported missing on November 28 after she failed to return to the Hotel Les Mas of Provence where was lodging. According to official reports, she died as a result of stabbing wounds in the neck and upper extremities. A security guard at the hotel suspected of being involved in the crime was arrested.

While this case underscores the ongoing risk posed by sexual assault in Central American countries, the incident is unlikely to be connected to anti-American sentiment, especially given that the victim was of Hispanic origin. In August two women visiting the country, one from Spain and the other from Mexico, were killed in different incidents.

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