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Our Intelligence Division delivers products adjusted to the necessities and key interests of a variety of industries.


From standardized reports to customized briefings, we present contextualized situational analysis and forecasts to understand risks and trends in the Americas.



Weekly & Monthly Briefings

Situational updates

Essential Intelligence Package


Intelligence briefings concerning key developments in Latin America on a weekly and monthly basis. Keep track of political and socio-economic events, labor disputes, travel updates, and trends in militancy and crime across the region.

Our reports will help your organization understand local scenarios and anticipate potential risks.

Dedicated Analysts

Active Monitoring

Complete Intelligence Package

Intelligence briefings with dedicated analysts providing active monitoring across Latin America based on your organization's particular requirements and locations of interest. 


You will receive intelligence briefings and updates in real time concerning unfolding events throughout the region, including unannounced labor disputes and strikes, operations carried out by security services, natural disasters, and inclement weather.


Comprehensive Reports 

delivered at your convenience


We provide custom reports for a variety of purposes, including country profiles, research over different political and economic variables, assessments of militancy threat, and overall due-diligence.


Our reports are written by analysts who combine local know-how of the region with overall experience in scholarly research. We will help your organization forecast long-term shifts in trends capable of shaping the region and affect your interests.

Private Investigations


Background checks


Cost-effective online investigations to carry out due diligence and background checks on individuals and companies alike. Reputational risk assessments and asset tracing.

Our investigations are carried out by specialists who combine resourcefulness with analytical skills to obtain intelligence.

Tackle uncertainty. Ensure business continuity. Make informed decisions.


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