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Violent demonstrations, travel disruptions anticipated ahead, during G20 Summit in Buenos Aires

The 13th Edition of the G20 Summit will take place in Buenos Aires between November 29-December 1. More than 20,000 local security agents will be dispatched to secure the venue of the event and potential focal points for protests and violence. Owing to security measures, the government has confirmed travel disruptions will be witnessed across Buenos Aires during the G20 Summit. Furthermore, Buenos Aires’ airspace will be restricted between November 29-December 1.

The summit will take place against the backdrop of mounting social grievances connected to Argentina’s economic hardships, and the government’s inability to appease left-leaning groups and unions. In light of recent violent demonstrations in Buenos Aires’, and unions statements condemning the upcoming summit, we assess there remains high potential for violent demonstrations and strikes during the event. Moreover, following the arrest of anarchist activist and Hezbollah sympathizers on November 15, and bombing scares on November 24 we also assess there is a distinct risk of militancy. Galat Intelligence has published a comprehensive security report on the matter. Click here to see detailed assessments and recommendations concerning security in Buenos Aires ahead and during the G20.

Those operating or residing in Buenos Aires during the upcoming week are advised to exercise vigilance and anticipate travel disruptions, given potential for violence and strikes.

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