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Unruly student demonstrations take place in Bogota, Medellin on November 15 amid heated tensions

Reports indicate that on November 15 student groups demonstrated in Bogota, Cali, and Medellin against the backdrop of mounting tensions over the education budget, with students and education workers claiming the figures allotted are insufficient. While the levels of violence witnessed during previous demonstrations on November 8 were not matched, demonstrators scuffled with security services and localized acts of vandalism took place. In Bogota, police evicted demonstrators causing traffic disruptions in the 100 and 106 streets. The demonstrations saw large turnouts and heightened security presence in focal points across the city. Events on November 15 marked the seventh student protest in 2018.

In light of unrest witnessed during demonstrations on November 8, authorities have seemingly decided to upscale security presence in the capital during protests on November 15. Given that the spat between education workers, students, and the government over the education budget continues, further demonstrations could potentially take place over the coming weeks. Bearing in mind authorities have committed to prosecute violent activists, the prospective detention of student leaders could potentially trigger unannounced, unruly demonstrations, especially in the city center and in the vicinity of Universidad Nacional.

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