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Union of State Employees slated to protest in throughout Chile on October 30

According to a statement published by the National Association of State Employees (ANEF) on October 25, the union is calling supporters to demonstrate nationwide on October 30 against the government due to labor-related disputes and the laying off of employees. The statement indicates that protests will take place across public squares and outside regional seats of government. In Santiago, demonstrators will gather at 10:30 (local time) along Amanda Labarca street, near La Moneda (Presidential Palace). ANEF further calls supporters to paste and distribute flyers on the streets.

Given that the demonstrations have been planned few days in advance, they are unlikely to attract considerable turnouts. That said, the protest in Santiago could potentially gather hundreds of demonstrators, leading to traffic disruptions in the city center. Precedent of similar protests by the same organizers suggests that the event will probably transpire peacefully. That said, there is a distinct possibility of limited scuffles between demonstrators and security forces.

Those operating or residing in Chile on October 30 are advised to exercise vigilance in the vicinity of regional seats of government. Those in Santiago should anticipate traffic disruptions and avoid the immediate vicinity of La Moneda.

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