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Tsunami response drills slated to take place along Peru's coastal regions on November 5

The National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI) has announced a tsunami response drill is slated to take place along the ten coastal regions on November 5. The exercise will begin at 20:00 (local time), and residents along the coast will be asked to conduct a simulated evacuation to designated areas approved by local INDECI authorities. The tsunami response drill will be the fourth and last nationwide disaster response drill in 2018. The exercise will simulate an 8.5 seism with epicenter in the sea, to take place 90 km east of each coastal department capital city at a depth of 35 km. This will generate a tsunami alert with ten-meter-high waves at 400 km/h speed. Other main first response institutions, such as the Armed Forces Joint Command and the National Police, will also take part in the drill. The participation is expected to be high.

Those operating or residing along coastal regions in Peru should be mindful of the exercise and follow instructions issued by local authorities

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