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Symantec indicates on October 4 Russian hackers are running espionage campaigns in South America

According to an article published by the Symantec Corporation on October 4 Russian hacker networks ATP28 (aka Swallowtail, Fancy Bear) continue to mount operations in 2018. The report argues that the network, which according to U.S. intelligence services is controlled by the Russian government, is conducting low-key intelligence-gathering operations, targeting military and government targets in Europe and South America. Particularly, the report indicates that ATP28 has recently targeted the government of an unnamed country in this region. Hackers allegedly use malware to compromise their targets, including trojans and rootkits.

Bearing in mind suspicions of Russian involvement in 2016 US elections, it is feasible

that hackers intended to interfere in elections in South America, possibly in Brazil. Given its surging export-oriented economy, the country has a noticeable weight in foreign affairs. While Russian interference cannot be ascertained, local pundits suggest conservative candidate Jair Bolsonaro would likely sympathize with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s policies in the event of becoming president. In any event, considering further reports about the state of cybersecurity in the region, Latin American countries are liable to experience increased activity from hackers, regardless if they are located locally or extra-regionally.

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