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Students, education workers demonstrate on October 10-11 against government

Reports indicate that on October 10-11 students and education workers took part in demonstrations in Bogota and in various cities around the country to protest against the perceived lack of funding for public universities. While no violence was recorded, the demonstrations caused notable traffic disruptions in central urban areas. Further reports indicate that following the protests, student groups have declared an education strike until October 21, with the chance of extending the said measure beyond that date. On October 18 the Union of Education Workers of Colombia (FECODE) published a statement announcing a meeting to decide whether to call for a strike. FECODE has at least 290.000 members.

Taking into account the government has thus far been unable to appease student groups and education workers, a settlement between the parties is not in sight. Further demonstrations and strikes over the coming days and beyond October 21 cannot be ruled out. In Bogota, these would likely cause traffic disruptions in the city center and in the Teusaquillo district, near the Universidad Nacional and the Ministry of Education. While demonstrations are not likely to turn violent, mounting grievances could potentially result in limited acts of vandalism, including graffiti on the streets.

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