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Student demonstrations on November 28 in Bogota witness clashes, further protests on Dec. 13.

Reports indicate that on November 28 demonstrators and riot police clashed in Bogota amid broader student demonstrations against prospected cuts in education and a fiscal reform oriented toward reducing corporate taxes. The clashes took place along the 26 Avenue, in the vicinity of the Universidad Nacional (National University). Demonstrators threw objects at police, prompting agents to evict protesters with tear gas. Violence was also witnessed in the intersection of Primero de Mayo and Villavicencio avenues. Protests in other focal points closer to the city center transpired peacefully.

Unions and student groups have called supporters to take part in further protests on December 13.

As assessed before the protest, despite the larger part of demonstrations on November 28 transpiring peacefully, localized acts of violence were likely to take place. Taking into account violent incidents have consistently materialized in student demonstrations, especially during November 8, we assess that further unrest during future demonstrations cannot be ruled out.

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