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Student demonstrations in Bogota planned for October 10 outside universities, schools

Reports indicate that students and college professors from public universities will demonstrate in Bogota on October 10 over the government’s education policies. Student unions, including the Union of Education Workers (FECODE) perceive the budget allocated to universities is insufficient. September 13 witnessed peaceful demonstrations by the same organizers in Bogota, especially outside the Ministry of Education and in the surroundings of universities and schools in the capital.

While the demonstrations will most likely transpire peacefully, students are liable to shutdown traffic in the vicinity of the protests, especially in the vicinity of the Ministry of Education and the Universidad Nacional, located in La Esmeralda neighborhood, where the U.S. Embassy is located. Traffic disruptions will likely be witnessed throughout the city during the morning and afternoon hours.

Those residing or operating in Bogota are advised to anticipate traffic disruptions on October 10, especially in the vicinity of the Ministry of Education.

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