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Strike by public employees slated to take place on November 26, demonstrations in Santiago likely

According to statements published by the Union of State Employees (ANEF) and the Central Unit of Workers (CUT), public employees will strike on November 26 in protest over labor-related disputes. The unions accuse the government of stalling negotiations to increase wages. Union sources expressed that strikes could potentially be extended if the government does not raise salaries by 7%. Reports indicate the government has thus far offered a 3,1% increase.

Public services are likely to witness disruptions on November 26 due to the strike. While demonstrations have not been confirmed, precedent suggests public employees could potentially demonstrate in Santiago’s city center, especially in the vicinity of La Moneda presidential palace. Moreover, there remains potential for focalized violence, especially if radical activists infiltrate demonstrations. Bearing in mind an uptick in vandalism following the death of Mapuche leader Camilo Catrillanca on November 14, we assess peaceful demonstrations taking place on November 26 or over the upcoming days could potentially devolve into limited unrest.

Those operating or residing in Chile on November 26 and over the coming days are advised to maintain vigilance in the vicinity of demonstrations, given potential for localized violence.

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