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Spanish citizen detained in Venezuela between 21-22 September

Reports indicate that between September 21-22 the security services detained various individuals accused of plotting against the government, and who were allegedly involved in the August 4 failed drone attack against President Nicolas Maduro. That day, two remote controlled drones carrying explosives detonated while Maduro was delivering a speech in Caracas, without wounding passersby or officials. One of the detainees is a 53-year-old with dual Spanish and Venezuelan nationality. Reports indicate that she is the head of an NGO sheltering animals from purported political prisoners. She is reportedly suspected of being in league with the drone operators from the August 4 incident. Furthermore, she was allegedly planning to escape to Colombia shortly before being captured.

Although the incident recorded on August 4 was likely an assassination attempt against Maduro, it is still unclear which elements were behind the attack, and if they received foreign assistance. Given that the Spanish national is also a Venezuelan citizen, prospects for a successful diplomatic intervention on the part of Spanish authorities is currently low. While foreign nationals have been detained in recent months, none was directly charged with sedition. As the overall situation in the country becomes more unstable due to the ongoing economic crisis, the government will likely continue to crackdown on the opposition, potentially disregarding the status of foreign nationals in the country other than American citizens, whose detention would likely trigger an immediate reaction from the U.S. government.

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