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Pride Parade slated to take place on November 17 in Buenos Aires; exercise vigilance

The annual Pride Parade in Buenos Aires is slated to take place on November 17. The event, organized by civil society groups and the LGBT community, will begin at 13:00 (local time) at Plaza del Congreso (outside of Congress). At 16:00 ralliers will march along Avenida de Mayo to Plaza de Mayo (Square). Reports indicate that various groups who have traditionally sponsored the event have refused to take part due to political and ideological differences, especially in regards to abortion rights and the perceived stigmatization of transsexuals. Other groups have challenged the route of the parade, which, as opposed to this year’s plan, has traditionally started in Congress and finished in Plaza de Mayo.

Although the Pride Parade March in Buenos Aires has traditionally transpired peacefully, this marks the first occasion in which groups organizing the rally have come at odds owing to political differences. In view of recent acts of vandalism committed by feminist and LGTB activists against Churches and government buildings, especially after the abortion law failed to pass in August, there remains a small possibility of localized violence during the parade. While ralliers are unlikely to resort to unruly behavior, the event could potentially be infiltrated by radical elements.

Those operating or residing in Buenos Aires on November 17 are advised to exercise vigilance in the city center due to potential for violence in the vicinity of Pride Parade during afternoon hours.

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