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Peru's Supreme Court annuls former President Alberto Fujimori’s pardon on October 3

The Supreme Court annulled the humanitarian pardon that former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski had given to the former president on December 24, 2017 amid heated political debates. The court argued that the pardon acted against the provisions of the American Convention on Human Rights, an international instrument which according to the court’s ruling has constitutional mandate. Peru’s judiciary thus requested the detention of Fujimori, who was previously convicted for various corruption charges and human rights violations during his term in office. Upon release in late 2017, Fujimori had spent 12 out of a 25-year sentence in prison. Reports indicate that Fujimori was rushed into a hospital shortly after the court’s decision was announced. On October 4, Fujimori released a video from his hospital bed begging current President Martín Vizcarra and the judiciary not to send him back to prison, due to his supposedly ailing health condition. The call has been seconded by his daughter Keiko Fujimori, a former presidential contender in 2016, and leader of the Frente Popular (Popular Front), the largest party in Congress.

Fujimori’s administration (1990-2000) is still clouded in political controversy and polarizes Peruvian society to this day. The December 24 pardon was a result of political negotiations between President Kuczynski and Keiko Fujimori’s Frente Popular. In exchange for her father’s release, Keiko delivered Kuczynski congressional support to stale an impeachment process against him amid a corruption scandal. Notwithstanding this agreement, with political pressure mounting, Kuczynski eventually resigned in March. Bearing in mind the controversial character of Fujimori, the annulment of the pardon could potentially lead to demonstrations across urban areas calling for his pardon to remain in effect. Although unlikely, clashes between Fujimori’s supporters and detractors are liable to lead to violent incidents.

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