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Personnel at Santiago’s airport (SCL) call for strike starting on December 7

Reports indicate that the SINLATAM union representing 270 employees from LATAM Airlines initiated a strike on December 7 at Santiago’s International Airport (SCL) due to labor-related disputes. Given that SINLATAM does not represent pilots or cabin crew staff, at the time of writing flight disruptions were not recorded. That said, delays were witnessed at check-in and sales counters owing to personnel on strike.

Although the affected airline has stated that the company has assigned personnel from other areas to attend counters impaired by the strike, the possibility of further delays or disruptions over the coming days cannot be ruled out. Striking employees could potentially attempt to stage protests to bring attention to their cause, and persuade other unions to adhere to industrial actions.

Those traveling to or from Santiago over the coming days are advised to anticipate potential delays and disruptions stemming from the aforementioned strike.

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