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Nuevo León state agents take control of law enforcement in Monterrey on November 2

On November 2 state authorities announced that Nuevo León’s Public Security Secretariat (NL SSP) will take control of law enforcement activities in Monterrey effectively immediately, for a duration of at least sixty days. The decision is owed to the perceived vacuum of power in Monterrey since October 31, when the Federal Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF) annulled the mayoral elections held on July 1 citing alleged irregularities during the polls. Mayor Adrián de la Garza was subsequently removed from office, pending new mayoral elections, which are slated to take place on December 16. Nuevo León’s Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón announced that until new elections are held state authorities will assume control over local city police.

While the intervention of Monterrey by state authorities is not due to a security emergency, Mexico’s wealthiest city is nevertheless experiencing an uptick in crime. Given that security personnel in the city is considered among the best qualified in the country, the decision to expand the NL SSP’s mandate could potentially trigger limited backlash and generate conflict between security bodies under different jurisdictions.

Those operating or traveling to Monterrey are advised to remain cognizant of heightened security presence in the city given the intervention of state agents.

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