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Notable security-related incidents in Mexico between November 13-19

The following is a list of notable security-related incidents connected to organized crime in Mexico between November 13-19, bearing in mind client interests in the country. Contact us for detailed assessments and recommendations concerning security in the country. Click here to see a map detailing the incidents mentioned below.

Nationwide: According to reports citing official sources from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP), 25,394 homicides were recorded nationwide between January and September 2018. Statistically-wise, the number represents 2,822 homicides per month or 94 per hour. The figure represents an unprecedented high, underscoring the deteriorating security situation in Mexico.

Chihuahua: On November 15 official sources reported that American citizen missing since October 28 was likely killed by José “El Chueco” Noriel Portilo Gil in “La Playita”, in the Urique municipality, located in southwestern Chihuahua. “El Chueco” is connected to the Sinaloa cartel, and is known to run operations in the area.

Guanajuato: Six individuals were gunned down on November 15 in the Irapuato and Silao locales. In Irapuato, armed men traveling in vans shot dinners in the Murano restaurant area, killing one. Assailants subsequently open fired against a vehicle in where a family was traveling, killing three, including an infant. In Silao, two were gunned down in a house in the Monte del Coecillo community.

Guerrero: In Acapulco, on November 17 a young man was gunned down near the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church in the city center. On November 18 another youngster was gunned down in Acapulco’s Ejido Avenue, in the Bellavista district. In the municipality of Taxaco, on November 18 a paramedic from the Red Cross and three policemen were reportedly killed in San Juan Tenería. The victims were delivering goods and blankets in a stadium to assist locals amid lowering temperatures. They were intercepted by at least 20 armed assailants dressed in military uniforms.

Mexico City: The body of a manhandled man was found on November 14 in a vacant land in the colonia Ampliación Zapotitlán, in the Tláhuac district, in southeastern parts of the city.

Oaxaca: On November 17 the owner of a bar in the outskirts of the city of Oaxaca was killed following a shootout in a bar.

Tabasco: On November 15 security forces carried a raid in the Lagunas district north of Villahermosa, releasing two businessmen taken hostage by a group of six criminals, reportedly associated with Los Zetas cartel. On November 18 a man was gunned down in his vehicle while driving with his couple in Ejido Pedregal, in the Huimanguillo district.

Veracruz: On November 14 four individuals were killed by armed assailants while they dined in a restaurant along the Coatzacoalcos-Salina Cruz highway, near Sayula de Alemán. On November 17 two men were killed following a shootout in a bar in the Cordoba municipality in central parts of the Veracruz State.

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