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Notable security-related incidents in Mexico between December 3-9

The following is a list of notable security-related incidents connected to organized crime in Mexico between December 3-9, bearing in mind client interests in the country. Contact us for detailed assessments and recommendations concerning security in the country.

Chihuahua: On December 5 four heads were found in Las Varas containing messages attributed to organized crime. On December 7 a former politician was killed in Ciudad Juárez.

Guanajuato: On December 4 at least 17 individuals were killed in six locales. In Salamanca, three were gunned down in Libramiento Sur. Three were killed in Cupareo; two in Apaseo el Alto; and another in San Cayetano. In Gervasio Mendoza four were killed after a shootout. Four were found dead in El Comalillo. On December 5 at least 14 killings were reported. In Penjamo four were killed; four in Valle de Santiago; three in Salamanca; three in Salvatierra. On December 7 the body of a dismembered man was found along the Querétaro-León highway, near Salamanca. In Irapuato, a human head was found along the San Luis avenue in Tinaja de Crucitas. On December 8 two bodies were found along the Hidalgo street in La Luz, containing messages concerning the ongoing dispute between the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and the Santa Rosa Cartel.

Guerrero: On December 4 a man was killed in the colonia Emiliano Zapata in Acapulco, and one in Alta Icacos, Héroes de Guerrero, and Nueva Revolución. On December 7 armed men in a vehicle intercepted and killed a state attorney while she was driving through Acapulco Diamante, a prominent tourist destination in the city. On December 9 a man was gunned down in La Venta, and on December 10 another in Jardín. Moreover, bags with human remains were found in José López Portillo. On December 10 a motorcyclist was killed in Moctezuma, and three died following a shootout in El Camalotito.

Jalisco: On December 3 six policemen died and one was wounded following a shootout in La Huerta. On December 5 a policeman was killed in El Salto.

Mexico City: On December 3 a prominent lawyer and a driver in a luxury vehicle were killed in Coyoacán. On December 5 a man was found hanging from a structure located in the Tacubaya district.

Morelos: On December 6 armed men assaulted a bar in Cuernavaca and took six men. Hours later three bodies were found along the La Pera-Cuautla highway.

Nuevo León: On December 3 bodies containing intimidatory statements were found in the Cadereyta and China locales.

Puebla: On December 4 at least five were killed following a shootout along the Puebla-Orizaba highway, near Esperanza. Statements signed by the Jalisco Nuevo Generación Cartel (CJNG) were found.

Tabasco: On December 7 a man was gunned down by assailants in Tamulté de las Barrancas in Villahermosa. On December 8 a man was gunned down by assailants and a body of a farmer reported missing days earlier was found inside a pit in Huimanguillo. On December 9 marines dismantled an explosive in Campeche outside a mall.

Veracruz: On December 6 three men reported missing on December 1 were found along the 145 highway, near Ciudad Alemán.

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