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Mexico City records 13.6% increase in homicides rate next to 2017, according to official statistics

According to data published by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) on October 27, the numbers of homicides in Mexico City between January and September 2018 are 13.6% higher than during the same period in 2017. While at least 777 homicides were recorded in the given period last year, at least 883 cases were recorded in 2018 thus far. Official sources further indicate that there is an average of 3.24 homicides per day, most of which are committed with firearms.

The increase in homicides could potentially be related to ongoing struggles between La Unión Tepito and the Fuerza Anti-Unión, two prominent gangs operating in the city. Although the capital has traditionally been spared from broader violent trends in the country, the surging influence of organized crime in central districts of Mexico City poses a considerable security challenge. For instance, on September 14 men dressed as Mariachi gunned down six individuals in the central Garibaldi Square, which is often frequented by foreigners. The worsening of the security situation underlines the need for exercising overall vigilance while operating in the capital.

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