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Mexican journalist killed in Acapulco on October 25, businessman killed on October 26

Reports indicate that on October 25 Gabriel Soriano, a local journalist working with Radio y Televisión de Guerrero (RTG) was gunned down in Acapulco. The incident took place near the Puerto Marqués roundabout, where Soriano was driving a RTG van. He purportedly had an argument with individuals traveling in another vehicle, who subsequently opened fire against the van. Soriano was allegedly killed attempting to escape the scene on foot. In turn, on October 26, César Zambrano Pérez, a well-known local businessman was reportedly killed by two armed individuals as he was arriving to his home in Colonia de Morelos. The assailants shot Pérez and fled the scene in his vehicle. The victim subsequently died on the way to the hospital. At the time of writing no suspects were arrested.

While it is unclear whether Soriano and Pérez were specifically targeted by hitmen due to their professions or prominence in society, these incidents nevertheless underscore the substantial security risks in Acapulco. Given the surging number of homicides the city is under heavy military presence since late September. However, security services were seemingly tasked with prioritizing security surrounding beach-side areas frequented by tourists. Although the abovementioned incidents did not transpire in such areas, the Puerto Marqués roundabout is a central intersection in the city leading to the nearby airport (ACA). In light of rising levels of crime in the city, we continue to advise against non-essential travel to the city, especially to parts beyond Acapulco Diamante and other areas with tourist and luxury resorts.

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