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Marines stabbed in Cancun, ten cartel members die in shootout in Guanajuato between September 24-28

Reports indicate that on September 24 three individuals were found dead in Cancun wrapped in sheets and with signs of stabbing. On September 26 authorities reportedly stated that two of the victims were Mexican marines assigned to a nearby base. The soldiers were allegedly killed while they were not on active duty. In turn, on September 28, a two-hour shootout between security services and cartel members took place in Jerécuaro, Guanajuato. Ten members of the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) were purportedly killed, while no fatal casualties among security agents were reported. The incident transpired along a highway. Criminals reportedly opened fire when vehicles from militarized police approached them. Following pursuit, the assailants drew police to a presumed gathering point for CJNG members, where at least 40 armed assailants with CJNG markings engaged security services, fleeing the scene after reinforcements arrived.

These incidents continue to underscore the volatile situation in Mexico, as well as the risk security agents face from organized crime. Recent months have witnessed an escalation in attacks against security personnel in tourist areas such as Cancun, which have traditionally been spared from broader violent trends in the country. Given that cartels tend to avoid engaging military police directly, it is likely CJNG members mistakenly believed a police convoy was after them. Regardless, the event highlights that local routes and highways are vulnerable to violence, endangering passersby and drivers.

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