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Local elections held in Peru on October 7 to elect 13.000 officials, Jorge Muñoz elected in Lima

Reports indicate that 18 million out of 23 million eligible to vote took part in nationwide elections for regional governors, city mayors, and local district mayors. Overall, 13.000 officials across the country were elected in this election. Jorge Muñoz, from the center-right Acción Popular (Popular Action), won the mayoral election in Lima, beating former Interior Minister Daniel Urresti (Podemos Perú), former Congressman Renzo Reggiardo, and former Mayor of Lima Ricardo Belmont (Perú Libertario). Muñoz had been serving as head of Lima’s central Miraflores district since 1999. Muñoz’ campaign focused in security and corruption issues.

Muñoz’ victory can be partly attributed to consistent high-approval rates during his administration managing Miraflores through the years. However, the said district is one of Lima’s most affluent neighborhoods, standing apart from most zones in Lima. Therefore, while popular among young audiences, Muñoz is unlikely to score evened approval rates across different parts of the city. Given that Muñoz shares overall market-oriented inclinations with President Martin Vizcarra, a feud between the city and the federal governments over economic issues is unlikely to unfold at this stage.

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