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Judicial deliberations surrounding Peru's Keiko Fujimori expected to take place on October 29

Reports indicate that further judicial hearings surrounding Keiko Fujimori, the leader of Fuerza Popular (FP), are expected to take place on October 29. Fujimori was initially arrested on October 10 suspected of money laundering and obstruction of justice reportedly tied to the Odebrecht case that broke in 2016. On October 22, the FP reportedly suffered a setback after President Martín Vizcarra vetoed a bill put forward on October 11 by Keiko supporters in Congress to grant house arrest to senior citizens, in a move widely perceived as intended to shield Former President Alberto Fujimori from being imprisoned.

The latest events surrounding the FP continue to underline political tensions in Peru. It is possible that the hearings regarding the preventive detention of Keiko Fujimori will carry on during October 29 - November 3. Furthermore, although the bill intended to shield Alberto Fujimori was vetoed by President Vizcarra, the bill will now return to Congress, which can still rely on a mechanism of “insistence” to pass it without the executive’s approval. Although Vizcarra initially showed resistance to the bill, he recently hinted that he did not oppose the overall intention of the bill, but rather hoped for further congressional debate on the issue. By flexibilizing his position, he could potentially signal a willingness to reach a political compromise to defuse some of the political tensions between the government and the opposition. In any event, political demonstrations, both in support and against the FP could potentially take place over coming days, especially if judicial authorities rule against Keiko.

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