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Half-day general strike in Uruguay slated for September 27; demonstrations expected in Montevideo

PIT-CNT, the country’s largest organization representing workers’ unions, has announced a half-day general strike from 09:00 to 13:00 (local time) to protest against labor-related disputes. Demonstrators will gather at 10:00 in the surroundings of the Ministry of Economy (Colonia and Paraguay streets), and will later march toward the National Commerce and Services Chamber (Rincón and Misiones streets), where the largest event is reportedly expected to take place. Union leaders are expected to voice their concerns outside both gathering places.

Precedents suggest demonstrations will not be violent and that the turnout will be relatively low, not surpassing the high hundreds. Nevertheless, the event will likely lead to traffic disruptions in Montevideo’s city center. Furthermore, precedent suggests protesters could potentially set off firecrackers to draw attention to their cause, especially during their march from the Ministry of Economy to the Commerce Chamber, likely through Colonia, Ciudadela, and Rincón streets. Although it is presently unclear which public services will be operative during the strike, public buses are liable to be affected.

Those operating in Montevideo’s city center on September 27 are advised to exercise vigilance and anticipate traffic disruptions in the vicinity of the demonstrations.

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