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Five bomb scares recorded in Buenos Aires on November 24, including at U.S. Ambassador residence

Five bomb scares took place in Buenos Aires during morning hours of November 24. A building housing congressmen offices was evacuated after a suspicious package was found in a library. A similar incident transpired at the residence of the American. Ambassador, located in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy. The headquarters of a bank located in the city center and a hospital in the Flores neighborhood were also evacuated after police received anonymous calls warning about an explosive device inside the buildings. Finally, two grenades were found in railroad facilities located in the José C. Paz city in the Buenos Aires Province. Bomb disposal units were dispatched to said locations, subsequently ruling out any danger.

These incidents are likely connected are potentially related to an uptick in violent activism ahead of the upcoming G20 Summit. On November 14 two failed attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were attributed to anarchist activists, raising fears of subsequent attacks. During a raid carried a day later, where ten suspects were arrested, police found a manual explaining how to make IEDs with over-the-counter chemicals. Considering that the public is abreast of these incidents and the potential for real bombings, further scares are likely to take place. Whether introduced by activists or not, suspicious objects are very likely to attract attention ahead and during the international summit.

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