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ELN attacks in Cesar Department, northeastern parts of Colombia, leave five wounded on November 10

Reports indicate that during early morning hours of November 10 the National Liberation Army (ELN) ambushed various cargo and passenger vehicles along the route connecting Aguachica and Curumaní in the Cesar Department. Militants forced drivers and passengers out of their vehicles, subsequently setting a bus and a truck on fire. They also painted ELN insignia to claim responsibility for the attack. Another attack took place in Besotes, where a bridge was reportedly bombed by the group. Furthermore, security forces reportedly engaged ELN militants near Curumaní. Five civilians were wounded during these incidents. On October 7 two policemen were killed along a route connecting La Gloria and Pelaya by militants riding a motorbike.

These attacks likely come as retaliation for recent security operations against the group, and to pressure the government to resume peace talks. Although the group remains divided over demobilization prospects, its leadership nevertheless attempts to persuade the general public that it seeks peace. The attacks were most likely carried out by the Frente Camilo Torres, a faction known to operate extensively in the Cesar Department.

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