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Demonstrators throw Molotov cocktails at Gendarmerie building in Buenos Aires on September 24

Reports indicate that at least seven hooded individuals took part in the attack against the building, located in the neighborhood of San Telmo. The incident, which only caused material damage, took place during evening hours following large anti-government demonstrations near the Obelisk and Plaza de Mayo. The assailants promptly fled the scene, and security services were unable to detain suspects.

The modus operandi of the attack suggest far-left or radical indigenous groups were likely involved. While such incidents are not frequent, similar episodes were witnessed in the last two years amid larger demonstrations against the government. Attacks targeting government buildings and security forces have been particularly on the rise following the death of Santiago Maldonado in August 2017. An activist advocating for indigenous rights, left-leaning groups maintain that Maldonado was killed by Gendarmerie agents while defending the Mapuche people in Patagonia. Although judicial authorities have determined Maldonado drowned in a river, violent groups believe the Gendarmerie acts on behalf of the government to repress political dissidents. While further attacks against security forces are liable to take place, precedent indicates these are not likely to become commonplace or result in fatalities.

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