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Demonstrations, disruptions, in Buenos Aires between November 13-16, more strikes on November 27

Reports indicate that several demonstrations and travel disruptions were witnessed in Buenos Aires between November 13-16. During morning hours of November 13, bus drivers from the Union Tranviarios Automotor (UTA) initiated an unannounced strike, causing travel disruptions throughout the city, further demonstrating along 9 de Julio Avenue. Subsequently, on November 14 several left-leaning groups and unions protested in the city center as the 2019 Budget Bill was debated in Congress. While no violent clashes like the ones recorded outside Congress on October 24-25 were witnessed, heightened security measures led to travel disruptions. Finally, on November 16 strikes by airline employees at Buenos Aires’ Jorge Newbery Airport (AEP) caused flight disruptions. Sources in the Union of Airline Employees (Aeronavegantes) stated that another strike disrupting flights will take place on November 27. Additional sources within unions suggested that employees from other transportation sectors, including bus and railway services, could potentially adhere to industrial actions on the same day.

As assessed in our previous reports, protests and travel disruptions in Argentina, and especially in Buenos Aires, will continue to mount ahead of the G20 Summit on November 30. Although the government is attempting to appease unions, unresolved labor-related grievances owing to Argentina’s economic hardships have the potential to materialize in further strikes and violent demonstrations.

Those operating or residing in Buenos Aires on November 27 are advised to anticipate potential flight and travel disruptions stemming from strikes.

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