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Cocaine production lab belonging to “Los Pelusos” dismantled on November 17 in Catatumbo, Colombia

Reports indicate that on November 17 security forces dismantled a cocaine hydrochloride production lab belonging to the Popular Liberation Army (EPL), better known as “Los Pelusos”. The lab was located near San Roque, in the municipality of Sardinata, located in the Catumbo region in the Norte de Santander department. Police sources indicated that the lab had a monthly output of two tons of drugs. The lab also featured dorms for at least 30 people. Militants were not in the area during the raid.

Security services periodically dismantle cocaine processing facilities belonging to militant groups. However, while this development does not necessarily pose a major setback to “Los Pelusos”, militants face additional pressure from the rival National Liberation Army (ELN), with clashes regularly being recorded across the Catatumbo region. Both groups struggle over influence and control over coca fields, frequently resulting in displacements of civilians.

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