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Cargo terminal workers strike in El Salvador's Airport (SAL) on October 26

On October 26 unionized cargo terminal workers reportedly conducted a strike and demonstrated at El Salvador’s International Airport (SAL) to protest against alleged government plans to privatize the management of cargo facilities, which are currently handled by the Executive Autonomous Port Commission (CEPA). Subsequently, on October 27 several unions and left-leaning groups marched along Los Héroes Boulevard, one of the main avenues in San Salvador, in commemoration of the “Day of the Salvadoran Union Member”. Unionized cargo terminal workers were also present to advance their demands.

While the strike on October 26 was restricted to the cargo terminal and did not affect passengers or commercial flights, union members suggested they would intensify forceful measures at the airport and in the Acajutla seaport if their demands are not met. Given that unionized cargo terminal workers have a record of confrontation with CEPA authorities, there remains potential for a full strike in both the airport and the seaport, potentially causing significant disruptions at cargo terminals. While such measures are not initially poised to affect commercial traffic, demonstrators could potentially block entry routes to El Salvador’s International Airport to bring attention to their demands.

Those travelling to and from El Salvador are advised to anticipate potential disruptions owning to further demonstrations by cargo terminal workers, and to check local media for relevant updates over the coming days.

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