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Arson attack against vehicle belonging to Uber driver recorded in Buenos Aires on October 17

Reports indicate that on October 17 a parked car was deliberately set on fire near Plaza Miserere in Buenos Aires during nighttime hours. The flames subsequently spread and burned another adjacent vehicle. According to reports, the first vehicle allegedly belonged to an Uber driver. The assailant had sprayed-painted the letters “U” “B”, and “E” on the car.

As previously reported in our briefings, attacks against drivers and users of ride-sharing apps continue to increase. Sources indicate that in 2018 at least 750 incidents of this kind were registered in Argentina. Violent groups opposing apps like Uber and Cabify are mostly integrated by taxi drivers, locally known as “Uber hunters” (Caza Ubers). Although liberal politicians from Buenos Aires are attempting to regulate these services and introduce legislation to prosecute violent activists, local authorities are unlikely to take steps to antagonize taxi unions, especially given the government’s diminishing popularity against the backdrop of the ongoing economic crisis. In this sense, attacks targeting drivers are unlikely to abate. Contact us for a series of recommendations on how to mitigate risks in Argentina while using ride-sharing apps.

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