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Argentinian Association of State Workers (ATE) set to strike on October 18, demonstrate in La Plata

The Association of State Workers (ATE) has announced a 24-hour strike over labor-related disputes, slated to take place on October 18. Additionally, a demonstration will take place in La Plata, the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires. Protesters will gather outside the Government House. ATE rejected a proposal by Buenos Aires’ Governor María Eugenia Vidal to increase wages by a 30% to compensate for annual inflation. ATE has also announced that they are joining forces with teachers’ unions dissatisfied with authorities amid protracted negotiations over labor disputes.

Given ATE’s influence and capacity, the demonstration in La Plata is likely to attract large turnouts. Precedent also suggests that violent incidents are liable to take place, including vandalism against public and private property. On August 21, workers from Río Santiago shipyard conducted a demonstration in La Plata which devolved into violent clashes with the police. Additionally, the province of Buenos Aires has recently seen an uptick in violence due to ongoing teachers’ disputes with Vidal’s government. On October 11, education workers harassed Governor Vidal when she was visiting a school in the locale of Chascomús. In light of these events, we assess that the involvement of the teachers’ union on the demonstration slated for October 18 increases the possibility of violence.

Those residing or operating in La Plata are advised to exercise vigilance and avoid the vicinity of demonstration slated for October 18 outside the Government House, given the potential for violence between demonstrators and police.

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