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Anti-government demonstrations planned in Brazil on November 22

According to a statement published by the Unified Workers' Central (CUT), one of Brazil’s largest union federations, nationwide demonstrations will take place to protest pension reform plans endorsed by president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. Several unions have endorsed calls to demonstrate.

While organizers have not yet confirmed specific locations for demonstrations, precedent suggests that CUT supporters in Rio de Janeiro are likely to gather in Cinelândia (Floriano Peixoto Square). In Sao Paulo demonstrations are likely to take place along Paulista Avenue or in the vicinity of Jardim da Luz (Park). Given that despite CUT’s considerable influence calls for demonstrations have been issued within a week’s notice, we assess turnouts are not likely to be considerable. While demonstrations are most likely to transpire peacefully, there remains potential for localized violence.

Those operating or residing in Brazil on November 22 are advised to exercise vigilance in the vicinity of protests given potential for localized violence.

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