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24-hour railway strike on October 2, demonstrations in Buenos Aires on October 4

Four railway unions in the country, UF, La Fraternidad, ASFA, and APDFA, are calling members to take part in a 24-hour railway strike over labor-related disputes, slated to begin on October 2 at 00:00 (local time). The measure will affect short, medium and long-distance services. In turn, various left-leaning groups opposing the government are calling supporters to take part in a ‘Federal March for Public Healthcare Services’ on October 4. Demonstrators will reportedly gather at 13:00 outside the Ministry of Social Development, subsequently marching to Plaza de Mayo in central Buenos Aires. Organizers are calling to protest against the government’s health care policies.

The railway strike slated for October 2 could potentially be cancelled, especially if the government dictates compulsive conciliation is in order, a legal resource that is often applied to ensure public services continue to function. However, there remains potential for the strike to carry, which would most likely cause significant traffic disruptions along Buenos Aires’ entry points. As regards to protests in Buenos Aires on October 4, these will most likely affect traffic in the city center, including the 9 de Julio Avenue near the Ministry of Social Development, the Obelisk, and the vicinity of Plaza de Mayo. Although the protest is intended to be peaceful, precedent suggests that violent incidents cannot be ruled out. Hooded activists are liable to infiltrate the protest and cause damages to public and private property. While security services will likely monitor demonstrators, police action will not be witnessed unless protesters turn violent or bring traffic to a complete halt along the 9 de Julio Avenue.

Those residing or traveling to Buenos Aires on October 2 are advised to anticipate traffic disruptions and delays. Those residing or commuting near the vicinity of the demonstrations in Buenos Aires on October 4 are advised to exercise vigilance due to potential for violent incidents.

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