Develop a fuller grasp of local realities in Latin America



A variety of businesses and organizations rely on an intelligence division to anticipate and mitigate potential risks in the Americas.

Energy & Resources


Legislation concerning mining and drilling rights is liable to be scrutinized between presidential terms in each country. The exploitation of natural resources remains a contentious topic across the region, and calls for the nationalization of energy-related industries have not subsided.    

Our intelligence services help companies in the energy & resources sector navigate throughout the complex geopolitical challenges in Latin America. 

Financial Sector


Companies in the finance and banking industry have designated analysts in different countries to measure political stability and guarantees of business continuity. Coupled with market trends and financial indicators, political forecasts help the financial sector discern potential growth prospects in a given region or country. 

We assist banks and insurance companies in assessing the political variables that could likely have an impact in their objective markets. 

Food & Commodities


Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are among the world's largest food producing countries. While dependent on stock market values, the commodity business also relies on quality information and forecasts to determine trends in the markets and potential risks.  

Our briefings assist managers in adopting key investment decisions based on prospected risks stemming from different factors in Latin America. 

Airlines & Transportation


Diplomatic Missions & International Organizations

Airlines and transportation companies rely on time sensitive information to maintain their operations, anticipate logistical challenges, and plan contingency plans. Recurrent labor disputes across Latin America often translate in strikes across the transportation sector. These can cause significant travel disruptions, leading to road blockages and flight delays. 

Supply chain executives and airline operations managers benefit from our insights concerning labor relations and disputes in Latin America, allowing them to mitigate risks affecting their daily activities. 


Diplomatic representations and local chapters from international organizations often run on limited budgets directed from abroad, limiting staffing potential for intelligence purposes. We offer cost-effective solutions to diplomatic missions and international organizations to outsource their intelligence gathering necessities to our division.


Our briefings assist foreign emissaries and personnel to understand the local political culture across Latin America, highlighting important developments and risks.


Large & Mid-Enterprises


Law & Consultancy Firms

From large manufacturers to technology suppliers, companies in a wide variety of businesses rely on intelligence reports to carry out due diligence concerning different projects in Latin America. Whether the company seeks to expand or mitigate potential security risks, our tailored reports expedite research and contribute to the decision making process. 

Customized reports help private entities tackle uncertainty, mitigate risks, and identify opportunities. Our dedicated intelligence division is at their disposal.

Major law and consultancy firms represent and advise clients throughout the Americas. They assist multinational companies in litigation and arbitration cases, often against states. They also guide corporations through local legislation to sustain business growth. 

Due to the complex nature of their advisory services, law practitioners and partners rely on our quality intelligence products to complement their own internal investigations with sociopolitical forecasts. Our briefings allow consultants to stay on top of changing trends in the region which could affect their client's interests. 

Tackle uncertainty. Ensure business continuity. Make informed decisions.


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